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If you notice something
different about us, it could
be the size of our egos.

Unconventional – We do things different

We worked client-side for much of our careers, so we're business-focused and strategy-minded, not egocentric and me-first. You'll get proven branding, interactive, print, retail marketing and photo/video shoot production. But instead of getting an agency, you get a partner in success.

Uncommon – Business Knowledge

Our job is to earn your business by knowing your business—offering an unparalleled understanding of your customers, your competition and your challenges to provide brilliant, results-driven creative. We've been on your side of the table, so we know the most important thing about our work, is that it works.

Unleashed – creative WITH BITE

We sit in the creative center of the marketing universe (Minneapolis, of all places), home to more creative and interactive talent per capita than anywhere in North America. ELEVEN goes beyond a "Perfect 10" of creative, by never forgetting that our primary function is to grow your sales.

Uninhibited – Collaboration

You're experts in your industry, we're experts in ours. And when we collaborate, well, we're unstoppable. We've seen it with our other clients, and we're proud they treat us like part of their team. That just proves what a collaborative, hands-on, hit-the-ground-running, un-agency attitude can get you.

Unlimited – capabilities

We value our partners and are proud to be a winning resource for many leading brands that benefit from our expansive knowledge of consumer behavior, distribution channels, and both interactive and traditional marketing.

ELEVEN will help you thrive in the interactive era, with a brilliant integration of web, mobile and social media into your sales and marketing tactics to deliver measurable results. Our clients benefit from our sister company, ELEVEN Interactive, a development services provider.

Welcome to ELEVEN.
The un-agency.

Undeniable – Results

The idea for ELEVEN formed when we were working on client side of the table. We grew tired of all the inexperienced and non-contributing members of the typical agency "team." Simply put: bureaucracy = billable. So agency bureaucracy is great, if you're the agency.

ELEVEN was born out of a desire to bring together an experienced, efficient and effective team to make the most out of your marketing.

This team—your team—is a handful of strategic and creative thinkers that have earned trust from global brands.

We've eliminated the red tape and the runaround; we've combined business acumen and creative excellence; and the results we've seen are, well, the results you're looking for.

Comprehensive marketing. Sound business strategy.
And the end of agency excessiveness.

Unparalleled, perhaps.
But definitely not

Time to think ELEVEN